Blogging in English and the Colours

Okay, actually, I really like blogging, having at least three different blogs but all in Chinese!! Blogging in English is totally new for me. And let me realized that my English were too bad to fully express my feeling AGAIN! sigh………

In a matter of fact, I get used to blog in text without picture. And when I was filming in Starry, I always forgot that I should not only do the film, but also take some pictures!!! I always forgot to do with photos. Every time when I remembered that I should blog something here, I always found myself lack of photos, then I gave up and thought that next time I will blog with beautiful photos…

Even so, I still very like the picture in my film. The colours in Starry are really energetic and bright, the most important of all, they are really East Asian colours. And I found something interesting  was that the different nationalities of people, the different colours of goods’ cover in their shop baskets. For customers privacy, I didn’t record what they bought but just observe. The most obvious case was the Korean, their products were all in red and yellow. Even they did not say anything or just talked with Roy in English. You could still distinguished they were Koreans.

Filming in Starry is really a journey of discovering!! 


have a taste!

even I haven’t finish the film,

Let’s have a boring 3 min taste of my documentary film! Starry Chinese Market is really an interesting place, and the shopkeeper Roy is a Chinese so friendly and talkative who I ever met in Canterbury,  but so far the film still can’t show how great they are! My bad 😦

Happy Birthday Diane:)))

Actually, I just done an interview with my Korean friend Diane last week. She invited me to shop with her in Starry preparing for her birthday meal, in addition, she cooked for us. Fantastic Korean traditional meal! Moreover, Diane looked so great on screen!! She really should become a actress someday 🙂